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Senior Project Manager



B.S., Environmental Engineering, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Butte, MT, 1998

Accreditation and Licenses

Professional Engineer, Texas (December 2003). License No. 93000.
Professional Engineer, Colorado (April 2006). License No. 40071
Professional Engineer, Louisiana (October 2006). License No. 32746

Senior Project Manager, Slosky & Company, Inc., April 2016 - Present

Erin Trail is responsible for environmental support to executives and project managers at real estate developments nationwide. Target markets include green-grass and Brownfield projects slated for mixed-use residential development.

Project Manager 2, CH2M HILL, 2006 - 2014

Project Delivery Coordinator for the Honeywell, Arizona portfolio, including reviewing and approving proposals, monitoring and managing risk, monthly and yearly financial forecasting, performing project reviews, ensuring quality and safety requirements were met, evaluating portfolio finances monthly to ensure margin and revenue goals were met, and evaluating staffing resources. This portfolio included projects in Arizona and California, consisting of 15 individual projects, and was valued at over $8 Million annually.

Site Manager, Confidential Petrochemical Company, Texas. Ms. Trail managed a portfolio of RCRA Permit and Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) projects (funded at $3 Million for project duration) that included detection and groundwater compliance monitoring for approximately 200 wells, including well installation, plug, and abandonment; multimedia investigations; data evaluation, assessments, and preparation of compliance reports; remedial planning; engineering design; and post-closure reports for several plants. Ms. Trail's responsibilities included all aspects of project delivery, including financial performance, strategic planning, development of tactical plans and scope of work, client satisfaction, staff development, performance metrics, budget and schedule preparations, and lessons learned/continuous improvement. She also directly managed staff and subcontractors assigned to work at the client's facility.

Project Manager for an EPA Region 8 Confidential Superfund Site. The EPA contracted CH2M HILL to conduct oversight of remedial planning and remedial design activities for LNAPL-impacted groundwater, which was performed by the site PRP. Ms. Trail’s role was to interface with the EPA and the PRP to ensure that the groundwater remedies proposed would protect human health and the environment, and that the CERCLA feasibility study process was followed.

Project Manager for Confidential Refinery in Houston, Texas. CH2M HILL was contracted to develop a systematic field investigation approach to evaluate the presences of LNAPL seeps from on-site groundwater into an adjacent waterway that fed into Galveston Bay. Ms. Trail managed a team of sediment scientists, hydro-geologists, and LNAPL experts to develop a four-phase approach, consisting of the use of source LNAPL fingerprinting, dynamic groundwater and LNAPL thickness monitoring, sediment-bed temperature analysis for seep detection, and pore-water sampling of potential seeps. Safety was critical for success of this project, where the field team utilized boats and SCUBA divers to implement the field activities, which took place in an active marine-refinery dock setting. Associate Project Manager, Confidential Oilfield Client, Remediation Projects in Wyoming and Texas. These sites were mature sites with existing remediation systems in place. Ms. Trail evaluated the then-existing site conditions and remediation systems for potential optimization and cost savings, with the intent to decrease treatment time for an expedited no further action request. The Chain of Custody materials utilized for the site were BTEX and chlorinated solvents, and the remediation technologies utilized included ISCO, MNA, and passive-treatment walls.

Task Manager, Colorado Army National Guard, Craig, Colorado Remedial Investigation. Ms. Trail prepared the RIWP and assisted in planning of an RI for two former shooting ranges. Investigation techniques utilized field geophysics (from air and land) to identify former munitions and soil sampling to confirm the presence of the munitions, and to assess the presence of metals in soils. Additionally, this project emphasized community relations, due to the presence of munitions on public lands.

Project Manager, Air National Guard, Lincoln, Nebraska. Ms. Trail managed the removal and abandonment of the remediation system at the Lincoln, Nebraska site and prepared the site for closure.

Program Manager, Confidential Petrochemical Company, multiple Latin America locations. Ms. Trail managed groundwater and vapor-detection monitoring and reporting for several chemical manufacturing facilities in Latin America. She was responsible for coordinating with local CH2M HILL staff for sampling and reporting, and ensuring that the sampling methods and report deliverables met both client and local regulatory criteria.

Project Engineer, ENSR Corporation, 2004 - 2006

Project Engineer supervising the installation of a soil-vapor extraction system for a retail gasoline station in Amarillo, Texas.

Project Manager of soil remediation site for an oil-recycling facility under the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ms. Trail excavated oil-impacted soil, conducted groundwater testing, filed deed restrictions, and completed the Corrective Action Report and Closure Plan for the site.

Project Manager for an Affected Property Assessment Report of a former coal-ash landfill in San Antonio, Texas. Ms. Trail compiled data from 1990–2004, prepared the APAR, and successfully submitted it to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Project Manager for a dry cleaner site in Houston, Texas. Ms. Trail prepared and submitted the Voluntary Clean-Up Program application to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and developed the work plan for investigation of soil and groundwater in preparation for the Affected Property Assessment Report submittal. Ms. Trail was the Project Manager and Certifying Engineer for Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure plans for electric generating stations and gas-transmission facilities.

Data Manager and Engineer for a uranium groundwater contaminated site in Oklahoma. Ms. Trail’s duties included maintenance of the database, planning for future groundwater sampling events, preparation of the Design Information Gathering Work Plan, implementation of the work plan, and assistance with the subsequent engineering activities.

Ms. Trail conducted the remediation evaluations for several oil-field sites with crude oil contamination, including feasibility studies, regulatory approvals, and costs. She also successfully managed mercury remediation for an industrial site and prepared the Response Action Completion Report for submittal to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Project Engineer, TRC Environmental, 2000 - 2004

Assistant Project Manager for a former tie-treatment plant in New Mexico designed as a Superfund Site under Environmental Protection Agency Region VI and New Mexico Environmental Department oversight. This 45-acre site included groundwater (dense non-aqueous phase liquids [DNAPL] and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAHs]) and soil (creosote, PAHs and zinc) contamination. Ms. Trail provided project oversight – site management, scheduling, reporting, and budgeting, with the remedial design and construction cost estimated to be $16 Million. As part of this project, Ms. Trail also prepared feasibility studies for soil and groundwater; evaluated remedial technologies according to EPA evaluation criteria; managed the groundwater sampling program; revised the work plan (sampling method and sampling schedule) to minimize costs and supervised sampling and report writing; and managed the development of several work plans for the remedial design (Quality Assurance Project Plan, Remedial Design Work Plan, Aquifer Study Work Plan); prepared the Treatability Study Work Plan, Site Management Plan, Data Management Plan, and Field Sampling Plan for the remedial design; and provided support for Record of Decision and Consent Decree negotiations with the EPA.

Assistant Project Manager for natural gas-processing plants and associated compressor stations in Texas for sites under Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) oversight, using the Texas Risk Reduction Program for remediation guidelines. Ms. Trail was responsible for managing daily tasks and all reporting; prepared a site investigation report and remedial-action work plan for a gas plant in Conroe, Texas, evaluating data (over 100 soil borings and 38 monitoring wells) for soil and groundwater contamination, where the site included two light non-aqueous phase liquid plumes, five dissolved-phase plumes, and both shallow and deep soil contamination; managed the removal of all shallow soil exceedances and submitted a remedial action report to the RRC; managed the groundwater monitoring program and LNAPL removal program; evaluated data (dissolved-phase, monitored natural attenuation data, and LNAPL thicknesses); prepared remedial action plans for several compressor stations near Corpus Christi, Texas with LNAPL and dissolved-phase groundwater contamination; and supervised the installation of a soil-vapor extraction system, consisting of nine vapor-recovery wells, an SVE vacuum system, and a thermal oxidizer.

Project Manager for Phase I and Phase II site investigation of a lead acid battery facility in Reynosa, Mexico, where she performed investigations, reviewed Mexican environmental regulations, collected surface and subsurface soil samples, and prepared an investigation report.

Prepared SPCC and storm-water pollution prevention plan reports for various railroad facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

Environmental Engineer, Reliant Energy, 1998 - 2000

Ms. Trail led the bio-monitoring program, and coordinated sampling and reporting for nine plants, which involved coordinating sampling activities with the plant staff, the chemical group, and the laboratory, as well as performing all reporting duties to the EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; was the environmental contact for water issues for two power plants and five service centers, where her main duties were to aid in reporting effluent data, evaluate effluent exceedances, assist with licensing, participate in agency inspections, and assist in special projects, for a fuel oil pipeline conversion; coordinated all licensing requirements for the discharge of hydro-test water from a pipeline, working with pipeline engineers, the fuels group, plant staff, and the TCEQ; and assisted in the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System licensing activities for two power plants and five service centers, including reviewing draft permits, applying for endorsements of existing permits, and submitting future permit applications for those plants.