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About Slosky & Company

Since 1985, we have provided environmental consulting services to a wide variety of private and public-sector clients.  Located in Denver, Colorado, we have consulted on projects in 48 of the United States, as well as the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Environmental Services for Real Estate Development

Our work focuses on environmental due diligence, brownfield development, and practical environmental risk management for risk-averse investors, developers, and legal counsel.

We have developed environmental risk-management systems to address client-specific needs and concerns. These systems have included policies and procedures, due diligence guidelines, and assistance in negotiating environmental insurance policies.  Our internal systems have been reviewed by two of the largest environmental insurance companies, and as a result we are authorized to underwrite selected properties without subsequent review by the insurer.

As one example of the level of support we provide our clients, we have prepared the environmental risk-management system for SunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners, and completed third-party environmental reviews of more than 1,580 acquisitions during the past fifteen years.

We also provide Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessments; testing of soil, vapor intrusion, groundwater, surface water; asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, and industrial hygiene surveys; remediation and abatement specifications; and remediation and abatement oversight and documentation.

Environmental Services

Slosky & Company provides a wide spectrum of environmental consulting services.  Our general service areas are:

Slosky & Company can perform original services in these areas as well as third-party reviews of other consultants’ work.