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Environmental Due Diligence, Nationwide in 49 States and Two Territories

Slosky & Company designed a major multi-family housing developer’s environmental management system including protocols for conducting Phase I environmental site assessments, lead-based paint and asbestos, and mold management systems. Over 1,580 properties with development costs of $25 billion have been reviewed. Services include: 

Phase I environmental site assessments; soil, vapor intrusion, and groundwater investigations; asbestos, lead-based paint, and mold surveys; abatement specifications, abatement oversight and documentation, and operations and maintenance programs. Guidance is provided for Phase II investigations and remediation, when necessary.

Review of Environmental Assessments Prepared by Other Consulting Firms

Slosky & Company reviews Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments prepared by other consulting firms. Advice is provided on additional work that should be required pre- and post-closure.

Environmental Due Diligence for a Major Urban Redevelopment Company Active in 15 States

A comprehensive environmental management system was developed for the acquisition of developed and undeveloped real estate in historic urban settings.

Slosky & Company reviews the environmental aspects of development projects. The firm has provided management of the environmental teams involved in the redevelopment of former industrial and public housing properties in Memphis, Tennessee; a major public housing project in New Orleans, Louisiana; a former industrial site in Jersey City, New Jersey; and a historic mixed-use site in New Haven, Connecticut.

Environmental Due Diligence for an Oil and Gas Public Offering, Colorado

Slosky & Company assisted in the environmental due diligence for a $30 million public offering involving over 15,000 acres of oil and gas properties in several Rocky Mountain States.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Johnstown, Colorado

Slosky & Company conducted a Phase I environmental site assessment on a mixed-use manufacturing facility for a California law firm.

Phase I Environmental Assessment, Evergreen, Colorado

A Phase I environmental assessment was prepared by Slosky & Company for a 6-acre undeveloped parcel for the O'Hare Consolidated Office of the FDIC.

Phase I Environmental Assessment for Farmland, Kit Carson, Colorado

A Phase I environmental assessment was prepared by Slosky & Company for an agricultural property in Kit Carson County, Colorado. The assessment included testing of groundwater from an existing water supply well.

Baseline Environmental Assessment, Asbestos, and Indoor Air Quality Testing for Republic Plaza and the World Trade Center, Denver, Colorado

Slosky & Company conducted a Phase I environmental assessment and indoor air quality testing in two of the largest Class A office complexes in Denver. The assessment included 2.3 million square feet occupying 113 floors in three high rise buildings.