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Expert Witness Testimony, US Ecology v. The State of California, et al.

Leonard Slosky provided expert witness testimony in deposition and at trial regarding the development of a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility in the State of California. Mr. Slosky’s testimony addressed the national compact system, site development costs, need for the California facility, and historic and future waste disposal quantities.

Class Action Lawsuit against ASARCO Globe Smelter, Denver, Colorado

Slosky & Company served as technical advisor for the plaintiffs in Escamilla, et al. v. ASARCO. The firm provided assistance, particularly regarding health risk assessment, air quality, and soil remediation. The plaintiffs obtained a $28 million judgment, providing for cleanup of soil contamination and compensation for diminished property values.

Defense of a Condemnation Action against an Oil Company, Weld County, Colorado

 A metropolitan district attempted to condemn an oil field because of the alleged threat of contamination that the oil field posed to water supply wells. Slosky & Company provided technical analysis of the alleged threat, identified and coordinated expert witnesses, and prepared trial exhibits. The condemnation action was dismissed.

Defense of an Environmental Consultant Concerning an Asbestos Survey

Slosky & Company was retained to review and interpret asbestos consulting work products as part of a litigation case involving alleged consultant negligence. The asbestos consultant failed to identify all of the asbestos-containing materials present in a property. As a result, the property owner was faced with unforeseen costs to abate potential hazards and mitigate possible employee exposure concerns.

Toxic Tort Litigation, Minturn, Colorado

Slosky & Company provided technical analysis for a plaintiff in a toxic tort litigation that was ultimately settled, concerning a National Priorities List site owner.

Property Damage from Road Resurfacing, Arvada, Colorado

During the resurfacing of a residential street, a large quantity of emulsified asphalt washed onto a residential property. Slosky & Company conducted soil sampling and estimated the cost of remediation. The client received a substantial settlement.

Soil and Groundwater Contamination from a Natural Gas Collection Station, Weld County, Colorado

Petroleum liquids that were removed from the natural gas were released into the environmental over a number of years. This resulted in soil and groundwater contamination that flowed offsite onto the client’s property. The client filed suit against the pipeline company for the recovery of property damage. Slosky & Company provided analysis of technical information in support of the plaintiff.

Defense of Former Owner of Manufacturing Facility with Groundwater Contamination, Denver, Colorado

Slosky & Company served as a non-testifying expert for the former owner of a manufacturing facility when the current owner of a manufacturing facility discovered solvent contamination in the groundwater and sued the former owner and the environmental consultant that prepared the Phase I report. The former owner settled for a nominal amount and the consultant was forced to file for bankruptcy.